Welcome to Interconnect Media Pvt Ltd

InterConnect Media Pvt. Ltd. in India is affiliated to The InterConnect Group Inc. in United States. Its founder Mr. Narayan Swamy had over a decade of experience working for TATA's, Microsoft, CNN & Coca-Cola before starting this venture. Under his leadership we have developed the B2B portal www.AdDate.com. This portal connects both media buyers and sellers and offers a platform to simply media sales and procurement. It has proven to increase productivity while reducing cost of sales by 20 to 30%.

Our head office is located in Atlanta, USA. The development and regional office is based in Bangalore. We provide both back office support to the main office in US and engage in marketing services for our clients in India. We license our media buying and sales tools, offer media sales services for the Indian media and market "SouthAsiansInUSA" media network targeting US NRIs.
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