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Cash in real estate growth of india. We can help you bring the right buyer at the right price

Real Estate Growth in India

With the economic growth of India, there is a greater need for quality housing. With the growing population and limited infrastructure, housing prices in good locations are continuing to escalate. In this scenario many builders have stepped up to build variety of new homes for different budgets and customer needs.

Opportunity for NRIs?

NRIs that left India during last several decades have made their fortunes in foreign lands, however their growth is limiting now due to worldwide economic crunch particularly in USA, Europe, Dubai and other Gulf countries. With improving economic situation of India many NRI's are missing out the growth potential in India. They are a prime target to sell Real Estate as they have the money and the need to invest.

How ICM Can help?

ICM with its roots in USA and with its established media and marketing presence to NRI community, is very well positioned to attract NRIs.

We help both builders and buyers in following ways:

  • Builders list their properties on the "Wall Share Journal", a premium portal that is promoted to NRI's Properties listed can be searched by location and price range and the amenities sought. Listings can be enhanced through Virtual Demo of model homes. WSJ listings are embedded on 100's of media websites and enhanced to allow discovery on Search Engines such as Google, ease of sharing and promotion through sharing features.
  • Properties listed on WSJ will be promoted on media and community websites that are popular among the NRI community ICM operates the media network and have exclusive relationships in many cases to carry its advertising that can generate exposure to 3 Million+ people across 60 million web page views, print , TV, radio & community event promotions.
  • We are building affiliate relationships among REAL ESTATE agents that have helped settle down NRI's and marketed them properties in the foreign countries. Through split commission arrangements we are engaging them to sell the India properties to NRI's as an investment and as an option for residence upon relocation to India.

What you pay and what you get?

  • Investment requires 6 month listing fee of Rs. 5000 per month. Listing will show up on the main portal "Wall Share Journal. Com". It gets distributed on 100s of Media and Community sites for free Listings will be optimized for Google. 50% of your investment will be used in advertising to NRI's through banner ads and radio ads.
  • We will do the creative for your listing. Promote the listing all REAL ESTATE agent channel in the foreign countries.
  • You can opt for additional advertising across our media network to reach NRI's and agencies more frequently. Cost of 1000 additional exposure costs about $5 on large size banner ads on the Web. Different pricing sheets are available for print, radio and other media.
  • We will introduce and educate about your properties to Real Estate agents. Provide them leads coming from our media promotion and listings to setup appointments for visit in India.
  • Our agents in India will receive the prospects when they come to India, take them to properties that are listed and help them decide within the short windows of their visit and convince them to invest in your property.
  • We will split the commission based on the property listed with our counter party agency that prepares the client and help you get new and profitable clients.
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